Monday, September 28, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

I don't usually write out menu plans, but this week is feeling a little crazy, so I thought I'd put it down where I don't have to worry about forgetting what day is what. Of course, it's important to always go with the flow and be open to change just in case!

Monday: Baked Ziti (with peas in it) with leftover Beer Bread
Tuesday: Going to my parents for a Turkey Dinner (Thanksgiving in September?)
Wednesday: Pan-fried Chicken with Brown-ed Rice and Cauliflower
Thursday: Hamburgers on the Forman Grill with leftover rice or mac & cheese (make dough for Friday)
Friday: Homemade pizza (or if time gets away from me, boboli crusts from the freezer)
Saturday/Sunday: Leftovers.