Monday, February 21, 2011

MPM: What just happened?

Well, I thought I hadn't posted here in about 2 weeks - more like 2 MONTHS!  Wow!  But I have been on a roll with meal planning.  This week is a busy one for us, but there is another factor to throw into meal planning: we are out of ground beef and I would like to wait for a sale to buy more.  On top of this, Mike has proclaimed that he is "sick of beans."  Talk about challenging! 

Monday: We have some leftover taco filling (ground beef and black beans) that we will use to make either taco salads or nachos.

Tuesday: I have a meeting and I already promised Mike a night of chili dogs and corn muffins.  The corn muffins are in the freezer and I bought hot dog rolls at the store on Sunday.  The chili is from the freezer as well. 

Wednesday: I've started attending a local Zumba class which meets at 6pm - EARLY!  I will try to get home early and put together a pan of baked ziti (no meat, maybe some peas) and put it in the oven before I leave.  Mike can take it out when it is done and serve himself or wait for me to get home.  The only issue with this item is that I have no ricotta and I don't really want to buy any.  The current plan is to make some soft cheese from an extra package of sour cream that I have.  I have done this before, but didn't like the cheese much by itself. However, I think it will be suitable for baked ziti.

Thursday:  Leftover Chicken Pot Pie from Sunday will need to be finished by this point.  I might switch Wednesday & Thursday if I run out of time to make the fresh cheese earlier in the week.

Friday:  Pizza night!  I've been mixing it up a bit and trying different things with my pizza dough recipe.  Last week I made some bread sticks which we really liked as well as 2 thinner crust pizzas. I'm going to see if I can make 4 thin crusts out of one batch of dough without the quality diminishing too much.  I can parbake the extra 2 crusts and save them for a busy week or when I would like Mike to put dinner together.