Monday, October 25, 2010

MPM: Week 3!

After quite the crazy weekend, my brain is on the fritz.  But I still managed to pull together a solid menu plan for this week.  As always, it's flexible, and actually includes a few meals that didn't get eaten last week.

Monday: Today is a "fend for yourself" type of day.  I won't be home for dinner at all, and Mike will probably have sandwiches or leftovers or pizza rolls.  It's good to have "emergency" meals that anyone can put together on hand!

Tuesday: We are finally going to have the fajitas that I planned for last week.  I have been looking forward to them since last Monday, so we are fitting them into the week early.

Wednesday: Pasta night!  I have some sausages in the fridge that I will cut up and put in meat sauce and I have an open box of spaghetti to finish.  If we're lucky, I'll get the bread machine set up with the timer so we can have fresh bread with dinner. Yum!

Thursday: Trick-or-Treat night!  I'm having family over to help with handing out candy, so I'm going to put together a crock-pot of Mexican Lentils that we can use to make nachos or taco salads.  I'll probably just set up a taco bar and let everyone have at it. 

Friday: Pizza night!  No new trials this week, just the normal pizza.

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