Monday, November 1, 2010

MPM: Week 4!

I am so excited to be posting my fourth menu plan Monday in a ROW!  WOW!  So, here it goes.

Monday: Tonight I'm going to make macaroni and cheese and hotdogs wrapped in crecent rolls.  I'll let Mike pick if we will have a veggie or salads.

Tuesday:  I have a meeting and it's election day, so dinner will be early and easy.  Chicken patty sandwiches with pretzels or chips.

Wednesday: A "fend for yourself" day!  I'm supposed to take my sister out to dinner as a birthday treat, so Mike will be probably having sandwiches for dinner or possibly chicken nuggets or grilled cheese.  All easy things we keep around the house for these sorts of meals.

Thursday:  We have a bunch of tortillas that need to be used up, so tonight will be make your own quesadilla night.  We have leftovers to be used as well as shredded chicken in the freezer.  I think I'll break out the griddle so we can make a few at a time.  This will be quick and easy, but also filling and fun!

Friday: Definitely Pizza Night!  We missed pizza night last week due to a birthday celebration, so I have a feeling we'll be ready this week.  I bought some mozzarella sticks (farm fresh brand) to try, so if we are feeling like an appetizer, I'll throw some of those in the oven.

I don't usually plan meals for the weekends, but this week, Mike is not working nights at all! So, here we go!

Saturday: Soup and Bread.  I'm going to make a loaf of rye bread with the bread machine (and possibly bake it in the oven?).  I'll also make a nice pot of chicken and noodle soup.  I've got homemade stock in the freezer as well as already chopped carrots and cooked shredded chicken.  I just have to pick up some more celery this week.

Sunday: After a busy week, a night of leftovers is in order.  Or, if we are so inclined, we may pick up Chinese food.  For some reason, Chinese food and Sundays go together for us!

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