Monday, November 29, 2010

MPM: Skipped a week

Last week was crazy and short due to Thanksgiving, so I gave myself a planning break.  I was also at the end of my solid week of migraines, so I needed it.  But this week we are back in the swing of things!  December is just around the corner, and being organized during the season helps me to say relaxed and enjoy the fun.

Monday: We have our first concert of the season, so we need to have a quick dinner.  Hot dogs and macaroni and cheese.

Tuesday: No rushing around, and in for the night, so I am going to make a Mexican Pasta Casserole so that we have some leftovers in the house.

Wednesday: My mom is coming over for dinner and we will have chicken stir-fry served over rice.

Thursday: Pizza night!  Mike is working on Friday, so Pizza night is moved.  My brother might be coming over as well and it is easy to make some extra pizza to make it a party.

Friday: I will be fending for myself as Mike is working late.

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